New Course Sessions Underway!

A new session of the Frankenstein Course began on Monday, and so did the first session of the Dracula Course! I’m very excited about both of these courses. I can’t wait to finish putting the Dracula Course out for students, and it’s great to refine and strengthen the Frankenstein Course, and see what some new students have to say about Mary Shelley’s book!

After these sessions are done, in June, Dracula will run again but Frankenstein will be done until about October. If you can’t wait until October it’s not too late to catch up on Frankenstein if you join this week!

I’m planning to launch another new course in June. I had originally planned on doing the Medieval Werewolves course then, but I may change my plans and switch my order to put Beowulf first. I’m undecided. If you’d like to help me decide, I’m always happy to hear opinions and preferences! But whichever comes first both are coming eventually. Sign up for the Clockworks Academy mailing list below if you’d like to know about those courses when they’re on their way, or else just watch this space!