Standard Price Per Course

The standard price for each course is $99 USD. For this price you get:

  • Weekly hour-long researched and insightful lectures on the texts from a PhD with years of university teaching experience.

  • Visual aids, in the form of slides or videos to accompany each lecture

  • Access to a discord discussion board where you can talk to your instructor and to your fellow students about the text, the lectures, or whatever you want to

  • Access to at least two live seminars where your instructor will respond directly to your questions and insights about the texts


Courses are also sold in units. For example, all the monsters courses: Frankenstein, Dracula, Medieval Werewolves, Beowulf, and Zombies are available as a single package for $399. That means that you get five courses for the price of four!

Supporters of Clockworks Cast on Patreon receive a 25% discount on all Clockworks Academy courses. To qualify for this discount you must be a Patreon supporter for at least two months before beginning the course. If you’re a patron, just ask me for the discount code before you check out here!

Patrons also get access to the audio-only version of the course once the whole course is finished.