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I hope you’ve enjoyed your course at Clockworks Academy, and that I’ll see you in another course in the future!



You would be doing me a huge favour if you filled out this form and let me know how the course went. I’ll use what you say to make future courses better for future students!

What course did you take from Clockworks Academy?
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What was your experience of the course Discord?
Possibilities for the Future of Clockworks Academy
Possibilities for the Future of Clockworks Academy
From strongly agree to strongly disagree how much do you agree that the following would be good ideas for future Clockworks Academy courses?
Paul should assign some kind of homework or writing assignments.
The courses shouldn't have starting and ending times. Let me take whatever course whenever I want to.
Seminars should be open to everyone, not just people registered in the courses.
There should be more course materials in writing.
I'm always considering adding new courses to Clockworks Academy. Is there a course you wish you could take but that I don't currently offer?
If you're willing, can you leave me a sentence or two that I can use as a testimonial for future students? If you leave a testimonial I would appreciate it if you also left your name so that I can attribute it (by first name only).