Welcome to Beowulf!

Hello everyone! I am so pleased to have you here with me in this Beowulf course. I’m delighted to be teaching it, and can’t wait to get started!

I’m still in early stages of building Clockworks Academy, and you are the first students of this Beowulf course. I think I’ve worked out most of the details and logistics, but please bear with me if there’s any turbulence along the way. If any part of this course doesn’t run as smoothly as you want it to, please let me know and I will do my best to make it work for you and to avoid similar issues in the future.

Here’s how this works:

This page will be the hub of this course. I’ll send you a reminder email every Friday, but all course materials will either be here or linked from here. This page is password protected and not linked from anywhere on Clockworks Academy. Please don’t share the password or link to this page.

You don’t need to have read anything before the first lecture. I’ll let you know at the end of every lecture what you should read before the next class.

Every week, on Friday, I will post a lecture here. It will always be available in two formats: as a video, and in audio-only format. The audio-only lecture is downloadable, and you can also use the linked rss feed set it up as a podcast. This podcast is not public, and is not searchable in the iTunes store. It’s only findable if you use the link; if aren’t sure how to turn an rss link into a downloadable podcast, just ask me and I’ll happily walk you through it.

The audio version is exactly the same as the audio track of the video lecture. The video is the audio lecture plus accompanying slides. Like the audio, the video is private and not discoverable except through a direct link.

So the idea is: you can choose to listen to the lecture as a podcast if you’d prefer. That way it’s portable and convenient. If you want to switch to video, you can by coming to this page and watching the video; the minutes and seconds will sync up, so hopefully it will be simple to find your place and watch as well as listen.

Throughout this course I hope there will be enthusiastic conversation and discussion on Discord. This Discord discussion is student-led, so you set the agenda and pace of the conversation there. You can get access to this course’s private discord server by clicking the invite here. Again, if you have any trouble with that let me know and together we’ll get it working for you.

Finally, there will be a few live chats and seminars scheduled throughout the run of the course. Click on “seminars” to find out when the next one is scheduled for.

That’s it for now! I’ll talk to you on September 27th for the first lecture of the course!